Begin a journey into the human mind

Explore a rewarding career pathway

We have a natural fascination to understand what makes us think, feel, and behave as we do. The field of psychology is the study of how our brains and minds dictate our conscious and unconscious experiences. The skills and insights learned when studying disciplines within the social sciences are being increasingly valued and sought after by employers. Research and development managers with a psychology degree can expect a salary of around £42,000 per year, whereas the average salary for a human resource manager is upwards of £35,000 per year.

Gain the skills to make a difference 

Along with positions such as counsellor and teaching psychology as a subject, a psychology degree opens up career paths to various industries and positions, due to the data analysis and communication skills required. For example, the problem-solving expertise and understanding of cognitive relationships that psychology graduates possess can be utilised within professions as varied as computer programming and business management.

Opening new doors 

There are extensive opportunities available to students of psychology, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Beyond mental health and clinical psychology, this subject can be combined with other subject areas, such as sociology and law. From there, a career in politics or economics can be achieved with the psychological insight acquired. The increasing prominence of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter has created fresh interest in the behaviour of people and its affects. Now, more than ever, people are keen to understand the reasons behind people's behaviour, to either help them or to successfully sell to them.