“The University of Law has always had that high-watermark brand for the training and development of lawyers at whatever level, be it barristers, solicitors, or legal practitioners across the world.”
Richard Haggett

This webinar gave a taste of life studying for your LLB online with The University of Law. National Director of Online Programmes Richard Haggett answered a range of questions, including an explanation of the many career opportunities available after gaining your Qualifying Law Degree.

During this webinar, Joe and Richard discuss:

-The University of Law’s history and reputation

Hear how The University of Law have grown and benefited their students over the years

-How does online study work?

We’ll discuss the benefits of this distance learning medium, and take you through The University of Law’s flexible approach

-How the course is structured and assessed

Know what we deliver and when, so you can get a head-start by planning your studies around the course fundamentals

-Career opportunities

Understand the range of career possibilities which become available to graduates holding an LLB

-Tuition fee guidance

We break down the different payment options available to you

-How to prepare a successful application

Our guests from student admissions explain what they are looking for when they receive a new application

-Your wide range of questions and queries answered by the people who know best

Guest Richard Haggett took part in our Q&A.

“A big thing being developed is ‘legal tech’… You are making yourself immensely marketable by saying ‘I have done this type of learning in this type of way, I’ve developed my skills in terms of the marketplace.’ ”
Richard Haggett