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Enjoy increased earning potential

With thoughtful career path navigation, marketing careers can be highly lucrative. In fact, marketing graduates have a real opportunity to hit the ground running with the early steps in their marketing careers. Entry level marketing jobs have an average salary of £21,565, and there is plenty of potential in future earnings depending on the path chosen within the industry.

new digital jobs are forecast in digital marketing for a £17 billion digital economy by 2020.

“What can I do with a marketing degree?”

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. Businesses of varied size, each operating within distinct industries and sectors all require different kinds of marketing strategy. As a result, there’s a huge range of opportunities awaiting graduates. Positions such as Web Content Writer, Marketing Analyst, and Brand Manager all have vastly different responsibilities but fall under the umbrella of marketing. Simply put, a degree in marketing or communications affords graduates the versatile attributes to find a role that suits them and opens the door to a world of diverse career options.

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Diverse marketing career options can be expected

Companies are always on the lookout for top marketers as marketing and communications are a vital part of any successful modern business. Marketing is certainly a desirable profession amongst business, and the demand for qualified and highly skilled marketers is only increasing. In digital marketing for example, 150,000 new digital jobs are forecast for a £17 billion digital economy by 2020. The bottom line is that as long as companies have a product or service to sell there will always be a role for marketers, meaning graduates can rely on a steady stream of career opportunities.

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