Join a profession that makes you essential to any business

Every business needs a numbers expert

Many top businesses agree (in fact, a Deloitte survey puts the figure at around 70%) that one of the continuing concerns in staffing for company growth is finding the appropriately qualified talent. Couple this with the #1 consideration for the management of business growth being sustainability, and you have an environment fit for experts with modern, up-to-date financial and accounting skills who can ensure the fiscal health of their enterprise.

The finance industry is lucrative

In the UK, stockbrokers, traders on the stock exchange, foreign exchange dealers, and insurance brokers are paid consistently higher salaries than most other jobs, with average annual salaries clocking in at £133,868 before tax in 2016. Experienced financial managers and directors enjoy an average pay of around £85,000 before tax, while recent finance and accounting graduates can expect a starting salary of around £30,000.

The global power of financial services

The World Bank estimates global GDP at around 75 trillion USD. Of that amount, the global financial services sector makes up around 15 trillion USD, and looks set to grow in 2017 and 2018. What that means for aspiring finance and accounting professionals is a future in one of the most dynamic industries on the planet. As emerging markets, advances in technology, and developing global strategies all make their mark on the world stage, it’s the women and men driving sound investment of resources and accounting for spending that will contribute significantly to a brighter future for businesses and individuals.