Fashion and media - where creative flair and business meet

Higher earning potential

While the fashion and media sectors have often been associated with stringent salaries the reality is much different. For example, an entry-level media manager can expect to earn £30,000. Although the competition is fierce within these industries, those that persevere can expect to be well rewarded. An experienced fashion buyer can earn up to £55,000, and the average annual income for a senior-level media retail buyer often exceeds £60,000.

Become part of a growing sector

Major acts of terrorism in Brussels and Paris, the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom, and Donald Trump’s expert-defying victory to become President of the United States; 2016 has been a turbulent year for the global economy. However, during this period the media and fashion sectors have been rare bright sparks experiencing substantial growth, and totalling a worth of £1.6 trillion and £1.86 trillion respectively.

Diverse career options

From the cultivation of raw materials through to high street retail, there are many career avenues for fashion graduates to venture into including visual merchandising, retail buying, and fashion design. Media graduates can apply for professional roles with confidence in a range of areas such as journalism, publishing, public relations, marketing, and advertising. A degree based in the cultural industries offers the benefit of job flexibility and the versatility to explore different roles throughout your career.


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