“Whether on a tube, or on a bus, that down time that you have… you choose the way you study. That’s pretty much as flexible as it gets.”
Matt Cooper

Join Director of Business programmes, Matt Cooper, to discover what it’s like to study online with Arden University. This webinar covered Arden’s history and reputation, how online study works, and how to decide which programme is right for you. There’s also an iLearn Classroom demonstration, along with tuition fee guidance and advice on how to prepare a successful application.

During this webinar, Joe and his guests discuss:

-Arden's history and reputation

Hear how Arden University have grown and benefited their students over the years.

-Which programme is right for you?

Your education is an investment, and we give some valuable insight into how to make the right choice for your future.

-How does online study work?

We’ll discuss the benefits of this distance learning medium, and take you through Arden’s flexible approach.

-iLearn Classroom demonstration

A close look at the platform you’d be using, and its many features.

-Tuition fee guidance

We break down the different payment options available to you.

-How do I prepare a successful application?

Our guests from student admissions explain what they are looking for when they receive a new application.

Your wide range of questions and queries answered by the people who know best

Guests Matt Cooper, and Bethany and Leanne from Student Support took part in our Q&A.


“Keep your eye on the prize; the reason you’re starting any degree programme – postgraduate or undergraduate – is for what you get at the end of the degree. You need to be thinking ‘… I’m going into the world with this knowledge and this qualification – why?’”
Joseph O’Brian