“We are aware that things happen in people’s lives - we really like it when we get students that write to us and say ‘I need an extra six months on this because I’ve been promoted’ and they need to work abroad for some time. Fantastic! We’re in the business of facilitating your growth as an individual.”
Matt Cooper

The leadership focus of this Arden University webinar explores the way their postgraduate-level online business programmes emphasise and develop this skill. Arden’s Head of Business and Management, Matt Cooper, joined regular host Joe O’Brian to discuss leadership styles, and what to expect when you enrol.

During this webinar, Joe and Matt discussed:

-Leadership styles
How do you know what type of leadership style you exhibit?

-Identifying leadership styles in others
We are all leaders in different ways, and we look at some key examples.

-Are leaders born or made?
Is it nature or nurture that creates the leaders we need? Is it a quality in you, or a skill you learn?

-What leadership style will work for me?
Preferred styles can differ with the situation, and what suits your personality.

-How can an MBA make me a better leader?
Find out what Arden deliver on their programmes, and how this will help you become a better leader in your organisation.
-How the online ‘classroom’ works
See how learning materials are accessed, work submitted, and assessments received in this handy demonstration.
-Your wide range of questions and queries answered by the people who know best
Guest Matt Cooper took part in our Q&A.

“You need that implicit knowledge between you and your workforce - therefore, you can focus on their own specific motives and motivations.”
Matt Cooper