“From the radio jingle, to the hashtag, we’ve certainly come a long, long way in marketing.”
Joseph O'Brian

In this Edology Live webinar, Cormac Austin, Principal Lecturer for marketing programmes at The University of Law Business School, joined Joseph O’Brian from the Edology team to explore some of the marketing techniques used by successful businesses the world over.

During this webinar, Joe and Cormac discuss:

-What is meant by holistic marketing

Discover how best to orient your organisation’s marketing strategy.

-The definition of the seven ‘P’s

Discover why this was upgraded from the four ‘P’s.

-What is meant by ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’ marketing

Which of these terms are used tactically, and strategically?

-How consumers are becoming more marketing literate

Learn how consumer behaviour is changing, and the different ways this can impact how to market to them.

-Service-Dominant Logic

Why and how should you differentiate yourself from your competition?

-How the industry is evolving

Hear about the trends appearing in today’s marketing landscape, and how to benefit from them in the future.

“The emphasis of great marketing is not on transmitting informational stuff about yourself - but to really tell compelling brand stories, and to try and sound authentic as well.”
Cormac Austin