“Very important today is managing global supply chains and networks which I’m sure you’re all familiar with in terms of the Brexit issue, and how important supply chain management is today, and the relevance of keeping trade, products, and items moving across global networks.”
Dr. Susan Grant

Catch up with Course Director Dr. Susan Grant to learn how Brunel University London’s online Engineering Management MSc reflects current issues from a manufacturing and service context, and prepares students for this challenging and highly rewarding field. This webinar session was moderated by Brunel alumnus Joseph O’Brian, and concluded with a live Q&A session where attendees were able to put their questions to the panel.



During this webinar, Joe and Dr. Grant discussed:


  • Some of the most important areas in engineering management today which are addressed by this programme
  • Ways in which the programme helps students develop a critical understanding of engineering management policies and practices
  • The most common undergraduate areas students typically progressed from, and the typical student profile for this programme
  • Information about the dissertation phase of the course and what is expected of students in order to graduate successfully
  • Graduate success stories, and some of the fields in which recent alumni are now working
  • How online study with Brunel works
  • Your career opportunities after graduation
  • How to prepare a successful application.


To close the webinar session, Joe and Dr. Grant answered live questions from attendees.


Did you know you can use Arden’s online Top-Up programmes as a short cut method to earning a full degree? In this webinar, Joe O’Brian pulls focus on Arden’s portfolio of Top-Ups at undergraduate and postgraduate levels to discuss their advantages, and how you can benefit from enrolling via this route.

During this webinar, Joe discussed:

-Arden’s history and reputation

Hear how Arden University have grown and benefited their students over the years.

-How does online study work?

Joe discussed the benefits of this distance learning medium, taking you through Arden’s flexible approach.

-Which programme is right for you?

Your education is an investment, and Joe gave some valuable insight into how to make the right choice for your future.

-Entry requirements at undergraduate and postgraduate levels

Find out if you meet the requirements to study your preferred programme.

-Arden’s career portal

Joe demonstrates how to use Arden’s online careers portal to make the most out of your degree and prepare yourself for new opportunities.

-How the online ‘classroom’ works

See how learning materials are accessed, work submitted, and assessments received in this handy demonstration.

-How do I prepare a successful application?

Hear what the admissions team are looking for when they receive a new application.

-Tuition fee guidance

Listen to Joe’s breakdown of the different payment options available to you.

-Your wide range of questions and queries answered by the people who know best

Joe O’Brian answered the questions you posed to him during this webinar.

“It’s very much about understanding operations management in an engineering context, or a manufacturing context. Yes, there are some very strong elements of an MBA there, but this is an MSc, and it is about engineering ultimately. It’s an engineering degree, rather than a management degree”.
Dr. Susan Grant