“Satisfied employees are more likely to be productive, which will contribute to overall business success. What I have seen from this is that employees with more freedom over their work are also the ones who come up with unique ideas”
Dr Syed Tarek

Human Resource Management is an important aspect of every business, and the field of HR is constantly evolving. In this webinar, regular host Joe O’Brian spoke with Arden University’s award-winning academic and researcher, Dr Syed Tarek about his experiences, and how HR issues are dealt with on the course.

During this webinar, Joe discussed:

-How important is employer branding to a commercial organisation?

Dr. Tarek provides some popular examples from familiar global enterprises.

-How can companies improve employee experience in terms of physical and mental well-being of staff?

As technology develops, employees are finding it more challenging to disengage.

-What is people analytics?

Understanding your staff is crucial, saving hours of time from staff motivation to recruitment.

-What opportunities does AI provide for improving human resource management?

The technology has the potential to streamline HR processes which may be time-consuming.

-Are there any negative implications from an HR perspective to the increasing use of AI in the labour force?

Will the technology mean saved time, or lost jobs?

-Are organisations moving towards greater employee autonomy?

Organisations are seeing productivity benefits from greater workforce freedom.

-Who is the programme designed for?

Develop your professional skills for the HR field, and related careers involving management of personnel.

-How does Arden’s MA in Human Resource Management equip the HR managers of today for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow?

Dr Tarek discussed how the programme prepares students for the world of work.

-What is the importance of the programme’s CIPD accreditation?

This programme’s professional accreditation indicates quality, and gives you access to their professional network.

-Programme overview

Joe and Dr Tarek went into more depth on the modules and programme essentials.

-Your wide range of questions and queries answered by the people who know best

Dr Syed Tarek gave his answers to questions asked during this session.