“There are so many businesses that don’t actually know what ‘getting into data’ actually means.”
Ben Silverstone

Ben Silverstone, faculty member and programme leader of Arden’s Quantitative Business and Computing programme, discusses the benefits of studying data analytics with Arden University. This webinar also takes a look at why data analytics is a crucial component of modern business education.

During this webinar, Joe and Ben discuss:

-What is data analytics, and why is it important in the modern workplace?

You might have heard the term, but not know what it means. We shed some light on what’s involved and how it benefits an organisation

-Why include data analytics in your education?

We list the benefits of widening your skillset to include data capabilities

-An overview of the data analytics modules across Arden University programmes

There are plenty of options available for you to combine a data module into your broader education.

-What makes Arden University’s approach to teaching data analytics unique?

Discover the methods Arden employ, and how they can help you gain the edge

Your wide range of questions and queries answered by the people who know best.

Guest Ben Silverstone took part in our Q&A.

“Data is like a pile of bricks: it’s actually a person that builds the house, not a pile of bricks that builds the house. Right now, it’s actually people that know how to use data that are the most important commodity – not the data itself.”
Ben Silverstone