Our ‘Lessons from my online MBA’ webinar series examines the core management skills you’ll gain during your MBA studies. In this upcoming instalment, online MBA graduate, management consultant, and Edology team member Joseph O'Brian will take you through the key principles at work in contemporary business strategy, and how to apply them.

During this webinar, Joe discusses:

-Strategic Management Theory

Understand the key concept and definitions applied, and assess their usefulness.

-Trends in strategies

Covering topics such as motivation, sustainable competitive advantage, Porter’s Five Forces, and Karl E. Weick’s ‘Sensemaking in Organizations’.

-Get to grips with tools

The Boston Matrix, Balanced Scorecard, and SWOT analysis all feature.

-The pros and cons of each strategy

Gain insight into their individual characteristics, and how each strategy has its own benefits and drawbacks.

-How to know which strategy to use

Hear how an online MBA will help you determine the most appropriate strategy for each given context and circumstance.

-How studying your online MBA enhances your leadership skills

Uncover how an online MBA adds to your range of abilities, giving a critical boost to your business leadership.

''With an online MBA you can take a deep dive into strategic decision making and when you emerge you have the tools to take into your organisation and affect real positive change.’’
Joseph O’Brian