“Shifting the perspective from viewing leadership as a single-person activity, to a collective construction process … allows people to express their agency at every stage, from ideation to implementation.”
Joseph O'Brian

The series is presented by recent online MBA graduate Joseph O'Brian, a management consultant and creative content manager for Edology. This opening webinar episode focused on leadership styles.

During this webinar, Joe discusses:

-The difference between the many styles of leadership

From authoritarian to laissez-faire, how does an online MBA teach you to recognise the subtle distinctions?

-The pros and cons of each style

Gain insight into their individual characteristics, and how each style has its own benefits and drawbacks.

-How to know which style to use

Hear how an online MBA will help you determine the most appropriate style for each given context and circumstance.

-How studying your online MBA enhances your leadership skills

Uncover how an online MBA adds to your range of abilities, giving a critical boost to your business leadership.

-How to make the most of your time

When you are working and studying simultaneously, your time becomes a precious commodity. Hear how to keep your life in balance.

-The advantage to choosing a specialisation

With the different options to specialise, you can now refine your abilities further in a way that benefits your chosen career path.

“Importantly, studying for my MBA taught me a lot about leadership … Part of being the ‘Authentic Leader’ is about being genuine, about being open with your flaws, and not hiding your weaknesses.”
Joseph O'Brian