“We really come together around a passion for online teaching. We all really believe in what can be done online, finding new innovative and creative solutions – it’s what brings us together.”
Chris Jasko

London School of Business and Finance's virtual open day explored the range of online programmes available and how they can help professionals like you accelerate your career. Faculty member and academic lead Chris Jasko, and current accountancy student Maja Debenjak, who works for PwC, spoke about studying online with LSBF.

During this webinar, Chris and Maja discuss:

-London School of Business and Finance - history and reputation

Hear how the London School of Business and Finance have grown and benefited their students over the years

-Which programme is right for you?

Your education is an investment, and Chris gives some valuable insight into how to make the right choice for your future

-How does online study work?

Chris discusses the benefits of this distance learning medium, and take you through LSBF’s flexible approach

-Online classroom demonstration

A close look at the platform you’ll be using, and its many features

-Success tips from a current student

Listen as Maja Debenjak shares some tips for balancing your distance studies with life and work

-Tuition fee guidance

Chris breaks down the different payment options available to you

-How do I prepare a successful application?

The LSBF admissions team explain what they are looking for when they receive a new application

-Your wide range of questions and queries answered by the people who know best

Guests Chris Jasko and Maja Debenjak take part in a live Q&A.

“… it’s different when you are in the classroom talking with other participants. But now I have tried and seen how it works, that you are constantly involved in the class, that you are talking constantly with the teacher - it’s really amazing!”
Maja Milasevic Debenjak