“We’ve got quite a diverse collection of staff – consumer psychologists, educational psychologists, clinical psychologists, and when it comes to the joint honours, solicitors, lawyers within that sense as well”
Dr Lottie Rowe

Arden University’s Dr Lottie Rowe explored their online psychology and sociology undergraduate programmes, designed to enhance your skills and career prospects.

During this webinar, Joe and Dr Rowe discuss:

-How does online study work?

We’ll discuss the benefits of this distance learning medium, and take you through Arden’s flexible approach

-iLearn Classroom demonstration

A close look at the platform you’d be using, and its many features

-Success tips from a current student

Listen as one of our enrolled learners shares some tips for balancing your distance studies with life and work

-Tuition fee guidance

We break down the different payment options available to you

-How do I prepare a successful application?

Student admissions explain what they are looking for when they receive a new application

-Your wide range of questions and queries answered by the people who know best

Guest Dr. Lottie Rowe took part in our Q&A.

“You get to choose the bit that interests you and develop a research project. Next, you’ll write up your findings as part of your dissertation – and that gives you lots of applied skills which employers are looking for.”
Dr Lottie Rowe