“I have absolute respect for those of you who are working full-time, and have family commitments, and completing an online degree. I know how hard that is, what a challenge that is, and the commitment that you are making.”
Angela Burns

Arden University’s Open Day webinar provided some insight into their online LLB programme, and the broad career possibilities it offers. Arden’s Law Programme Team Lead Angela Burns joined Joe O’Brian to discuss the benefits of the LLB, the online learning experience, and answered your questions about our programmes.

During this webinar, Joe and Angela discussed:

-Guest Angela Burns’ professional background, and Arden’s history and reputation

Angela explains her legal and academic experience, and her passion for her role in teaching Arden’s innovative legal programmes.

-Who is Arden’s distance learning LLB programme designed for?

Discover the career versatility of legal education, from the criminal justice system, to politics and business.

-Is a QLD a prerequisite to get a law firm training contract?

Hear about the standards required of a QLD, the importance of this in the legal profession, and the countries and regions that recognise this distinction.

-Which modules are typical for the programme, and why they are important.

Throughout levels 4, 5, and 6, the modules are designed to give you foundation legal skills required to progress.

-Which entry requirements applicants need to join the programme.

Check if you qualify, with appropriate grades, or relevant work experience.

-What are some common routes taken after graduation?

Understand the range of career possibilities which become available to graduates holding an LLB.

-How the online classroom works.

See how learning materials are accessed, work submitted, and assessments received in this handy demonstration.

-Your wide range of questions and queries answered by the people who know best.

Guest Angela Burns took part in our Q&A.

“We have quite a good mix - we have some straight academics, some tutors who are still in practice, both as solicitors, and barristers, and teach as well, and those who are dual-qualified - so they might be qualified in England and Wales and also qualified in another jurisdiction as well.”
Angela Burns