“You can engage in discussions on what you took away from each unit. It’s really interesting because I find that each student brings their own personal experiences into the discussion questions, and they’re able to help students understand from different points of view, which I think is really wonderful.”
Brittany Cordy

The firm focus of this webinar is on the benefits of studying your postgraduate degree online with London School of Business and Finance. Joe O’Brian was joined by Senior Student Support Administrator Brittany Cordy to discuss the benefits of online learning, and what to expect when you enrol with London School of Business and Finance.


During this webinar, Joe and Brittany discussed:



-LSBF’s history and reputation

Hear how London School of Business and Finance have grown and benefited their students over the years.

-How does online study work?

Discover the benefits of this distance learning medium versus campus learning, and how LSBF’s flexible approach can work for you.

-How LSBF’s Global MBA and other programmes are structured and assessed

Find out what they deliver and when, so that you can get a head-start by planning your studies around the course fundamentals.

-How the online ‘classroom’ works

See how learning materials are accessed, work submitted, and assessments received in this handy demonstration.

- Tips for submitting a successful application

Brittany offers her tips and tricks for putting your best foot forward, and how to present yourself in the best way to pass the process.

 - How Student Support functions

From enrolment advice to ongoing support during your studies, LSBF ensures all their students are supported.

 -Your wide range of questions and queries answered by the people who know best

Guest Brittany Cordy took part in our Q&A.

“We offer a lot of elective modules in different specialisations - that’s where we in Support really guide the students, helping them figure out if they want to specialise in something specific, or if they want something more general, that’s where we really advise students.”
Brittany Cordy