About the University of Bradford

With a history stretching back more than 50 years, the University of Bradford now holds an international academic reputation as pioneers in the development of bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD programmes that strive to meet and exceed the needs and requirements of students, employers, and wider society.

The University gained its first accreditation in 1970 with AMBA, and was subsequently accredited by Equis in 2000 and AACSB in 2012. With this prestigious Triple Crown accreditation status and an international team of faculty members, the University of Bradford has created a world-class academic environment where students from across the globe are able to pursue their life goals.

As the first University outside Greater London area to provide part-time degree programmes, the University has always been dedicated to responding to new developments and needs in the social, scientific, and business environments, offering rigorous programmes that are relevant, practical, and focused on your employability.

About the University of Bradford School of Management

Established in 1963, the Bradford University School of Management has become a global leader in contemporary business education, research, and thought leadership.

Providing engaging and innovative teaching and research methodologies, the School of Business is focused on impacting the world of business in a positive and sustainable manner.

The School’s renowned MBA programme, which was launched in 1974, was soon followed by a pioneering part-time MBA, and both programmes are now complemented by an online MBA degree, which can be studied from any location worldwide.