Eleanora Kalinina from Belarus sat down with us to share her experience while taking her Global MBA, specialising in marketing management, online with London School of Business & Finance.

My name is Eleanora, I am from Belarus, and I took the Global MBA in Marketing Management. I decided to pursue the programme online because it provided a lot of opportunities to combine studies, work, and personal life.

Well, the programme started when I was on holiday. I was studying on the beach, while I was surfing! I was in Australia then, and I remember the sun being really hot and really bright and sometimes I couldn’t even see what was on the laptop, but finally I started and it was lovely. It shows that this programme provides you every opportunity to study wherever you are. You can continue working for your company and broaden your skills and knowledge while you study.

At the beginning everybody feels a bit secluded – at the beginning of the programme. But, when the programme starts, you start to talk, you start to ask questions, and share ideas. I felt like everybody wants to help you. It was really open-minded.

I should say that support was absolutely very well. When I needed any information, I got the answer within the day. Any student in their search for an answer from the teacher shouldn’t be worried because they will get the answer within the day, or two maximum.

You should collect all your passion, first of all, because it requires a lot of effort. You should schedule all your tasks within the programme, all your modules and assignments, and go step by step, and not stop, even on holiday. It will help you to proceed and complete the programme on time.


“I was studying on the beach, while I was surfing!”