Sonam Reel is currently pursuing an online  MBA with a specialisation in oil, gas, and energy management. Having worked in investment banking since 2008, Sonam aims to utilise the skills and knowledge acquired from her work experience and education to become a pioneer within the oil and gas investment banking industry. After completing her MBA studies, she anticipates continuing her professional development with PhD-level studies.

Speaking to us from Nairobi, Sonam shared her thoughts on online learning, as well as her personal feelings about studying online.

Choosing to study an MBA online

This is the first time I have studied an online programme, which I decided to pursue after noticing an increase in the number of individuals looking for more convenient learning methods. I’ve found that studying online is a form of education that is not only convenient, but allows you to create a study programme that fits around your daily schedule. With the current challenges within the work environment it becomes difficult to attend classroom lessons, hence my decision to study online. It has given me the flexibility to study at times that were suitable for me.

Challenges and rewards of studying online

To study online an MBA online you certainly need to have self-discipline to make sure you finish the assignments and modules on time. However, being able to set your own schedule means that as long as you are self-disciplined it is still very convenient. When you’re making the decision to study, it’s important to remember that everything today is digital. Studying online provides you with a platform where you don’t have an excuse to say it will not work for you, because it is so flexible.

Using the online platform

My experience with the online platform has been excellent. The support from the team has been immense and I found that there is always someone who can help you, either through a phone call or by email. The most recent example was the technical team assisting me with some questions regarding the study platform; their step-by-step guidance ensured the complete resolution of any queries that I had. In addition, the discussion forums are fantastic due to the vast experience shared by students from across the globe. The comments, views, and creative ideas which are discussed on the forums greatly enhance the learning process. The online platform also enables you to engage directly with the academic faculty. I have found that with the assistance of the professors and their recommendations, the learning curve is immense.

Tips and advice for current and prospective students

Education is a constant process, there’s so much to do and study. Anyone out there who is thinking about studying for their MBA or another course, I would say just go ahead and do it. At the end of the day, it is your education and you will definitely benefit in the long run. Remember that ‘knowledge is power.’ The world is a global village, the more you learn, the stronger you will become.

Studying my MBA online has been an unbelievable experience and the course work is always relevant to the evolving business environment.  For anyone who wants to study, I would say that it’s really important to just take the first step and do it!

“Master the basics and practice, practice, practice!”
Sonam Reel