Urmat Osmonaliev from Kyrgyzstan sat down with us to share his experience while taking his BSc in Business Management online with InterActive Pro and University of Wolverhampton.

My name is Urmat, I come from Kyrgyzstan. The skills I gained from my studies – it’s time management. Also, how to analyse the situation, and how to systematically do what you’re doing. If you don’t understand something, you can re-read, or re-watch, your module.

When I am in a class with around 80 people in the class, with a teacher, it’s very difficult to listen to the teacher. But, when you study personally with your computer or tablet or phone, it’s very effective and very qualitative.

I did my homework, I did my studies, when I was going to work, or to my home. I looked at my phone, and my tablet. It was very comfortable, very useful, and I also found that it was very effective.

“It’s very comfortable, it’s very useful, and I also found that it’s very effective.”