Online study
  • Yes, every programme we offer takes place 100% online, apart from the blended i-GDL law conversion course from The University of Law.

  • No. High levels of self-discipline and time management are needed to successfully complete your programme. Online courses require just as much commitment as traditional campus qualifications.

  • Yes. Each student receives 24/7 access to their respective learning platform, as well as technical and administrative support.

  • No. You simply need an internet connection, browser, and a device that supports internet access.


  • Yes. You can access the materials on any smart device using a flash enabled browser.


Online platform
  • Online students are provided with access to a wide range of study materials to ensure a truly interactive and comprehensive learning experience. Online learning platforms typically include: Live or recorded HD video lectures, e-books, content revision apps, research resources, discussion forums and much more. 

  • Yes. Online libraries are a typical part of any learning platform, and typically contain a vast array of digital collections of journals, articles, textbooks, newspapers, and other scholarly resources.

  • Discussion forums on study platforms allow you to interact with other students, tutors and teaching assistants asynchronously. Direct messaging is also usually a feature, so you can collaborate closely with other students on your course.

  • Contact your university support centre. They will have the answers you need. 

  • All institutions we work with have Student Support Teams available to provide assistance with all aspects of online study. Depending on your course, you will be assigned a module tutor on each of the modules or units you study, who is there to guide you through the learning process.


  • Most queries are answered within 24 hours, although some technical requests may take up to 72 hours to resolve.