Skills and abilities: Strong financial skills and leadership, supported by credentials and experience. Strategic knowledge with an interest in financial market operation.

What you’ll be doing: This senior role may be known by other titles, such as Head of Finance, or Finance Director, and is required within larger organisations or smaller companies, often sharing the role of controller. Typical day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • Developing finance strategies, and establishing objectives
  • Studying trends, monitoring performance, and working capital forecasting
  • Maximising returns on investments, analysing variances, and improving performance
  • Maintaining ties with investment communities and professional networks
  • Accomplishing HR finance strategies, communicating and implementing policies
  • Ensuring productivity, identifying and resolving problems

Career progression: Typically, people begin their careers as a treasurer for an organisation, and graduate to other positions such as controller. Appropriate qualifications – such as a Global MBA, ACCA, CIMA – in addition to appropriate experience, are required to achieve this position. 

Recommended Programmes
  • Accounting and Financial Management


  • ACCA

    Professional Qualifications

  • Investment Banking