Skills and abilities: Strong communication and collaboration, research and analytical ability, decisive leadership with customer and product knowledge.

What you’ll be doing: The Product Manager role is common for a variety of industries, developing manufactured, technical, and financial products. Typical day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • Being responsible for overall product success
  • Determining customer needs through research and feedback
  • Assessing market trends and competitor products
  • Creating product management processes and forecasting results
  • Managing conceptualisation, production, and marketing
  • Overseeing product development and assigning staff accordingly
  • Planning and demonstrating new features to stakeholders
  • Developing and implementing marketing campaigns
  • Determining pricing, and forecasting short and long term sales
  • Co-operating with all departments as required
  • Maintaining industry and product knowledge, attending relevant events

Career progression: You may join a team, and with experience, become a Senior Product Manager, Associate Product Manager, or Head of Product, potentially rising further to roles such as Chief Marketing Officer.

Recommended Programmes
  • MSc Project Management (APM)


  • Project Management