Skills and abilities: Able to regularly produce creative and informed content. Excellent communication skills, and confidence in delivery of opinions. IT literacy, with strong analytical skills and organisation. 

What you’ll be doing: There are various popular blog categories, such as sports, travel, fashion, lifestyle, music, photography, celebrity news, and crafts. Typical day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • Researching, conceptualising, and pitching original blog ideas
  • Writing and editing content, implementing SEO terms
  • Promoting the blog via social media and other platforms, to engage audience
  • Using content management and analytical software, and social media platforms
  • Consulting marketing, web design, video and picture editing, and other departments
  • Adhering to style guidelines, and incorporating feedback from other departments
  • Maintaining up-to-date industry knowledge

Career progression: You may choose to move into copywriting or marketing. You could also manage a team of blog writers, or become Head of Content. Alternatively, you may decide to work freelance, or produce your own blog.

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