Skills and abilities: Persuasive communication and negotiation skills, IT capabilities, and strong presentation. A relevant qualification may be necessary for some areas such as technical or pharmaceutical sales.

What you’ll be doing: You will either sell to customers directly, or to other businesses. You will specialise in a particular product, service, or industry. Typical day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • Making contact with customers (new and existing)
  • Familiarising yourself with line of products, and promoting new products
  • Negotiating sales, agreeing prices, and delivery
  • Recording orders
  • Meeting sales targets
  • Networking, and understanding industry trends

Career progression: With experience, entry level sales jobs may lead to more senior positions, such as Team Leader, or Area Sales Manager. Alternatively, you may decide to apply your experience to a range of other positions.

Recommended Programmes
Advanced Certificate in Marketing Design & Strategy

The Advanced Certificate in Marketing Design and Strategy builds on your professional strengths and examines how marketing influences decision making at management level.

  • Advanced Certificate in Marketing Design & Strategy

    Short Courses

  • Marketing


  • Sales Management


  • Sales Management