Skills and abilities: Excellent communication and listening skills, with the ability to inspire trust and confidence, putting people at ease. Use good investigative skills, and make well-judged decisions.

What you’ll be doing: Market research is concerned with the collection and analysis of information that indicates people’s thoughts about consumer products or particular societal issues. This involves one of two main methods: numbers-based quantitative analysis of surveys from large samples of people, and language-based qualitative analysis from focus groups and comprehensive questionnaires. Typical day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • Meeting clients to discuss current and potential research projects
  • Coordinating interviewers and researchers
  • Designing questionnaires and organising surveys
  • Analysing data and presenting results to clients
  • Advising clients how they can utilise the research

Career progression: You may decide to lead a team or manage departments, or with experience become a self-employed market research consultant. You may also choose to work in the promotional aspect of marketing or advertising.

Recommended Programmes
BSc (Hons) Psychology (BPS)

The BSc (Hons) Psychology (BPS) is an undergraduate programme that explores the science behind how the mind works, and the reasons why people behave the way they do.

  • BSc (Hons) Psychology (BPS)


  • MSc Psychology (BPS)


  • BA (Hons) Psychology & Sociology


  • BA (Hons) Law & Psychology