Why choose accountancy as a second career

Whether you’re on a career break or actively looking for a change, you may be wondering whether taking on a second career in accounting is right for you.

Here, we’re featuring our top ten reasons why you may want to consider joining one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

You enjoy working with numbers

If you’ve got a talent for working out calculations or enjoy managing your life with spreadsheets, accounting will help develop your skills into an exciting and profitable career. Time management and the ability to communicate well with others are also attractive qualities.

You want advancement opportunities

Many entry-level accountants progress into higher roles with experience, and if you’re just starting out, you’ll notice the job opportunities available to you become more lucrative as you advance through your qualification.

You need a career that’s recession-proof

Can you imagine a world without the need for financial auditing and fiscal management? Let’s face it – accounting never really does go out of style. In fact, even when the economy is vulnerable, accountants are turned to more than ever to mitigate risk.

You want to have more choices

Do you fancy forensic accounting? Or maybe you’d like to manage payroll for your favourite sports team? The career choices you have with a professional qualification are virtually endless. After all, every business relies on experienced accountants for survival and growth.

You want to boost your earnings

Well, who doesn’t?! It’s no secret that professionals in this industry could potentially receive handsome salary packages, generous bonuses, and fruitful fringe benefits. And, accountants also enjoy long-term job stability – so you can finally unsubscribe from those pesky job alerts.

You’d like to start your own business

Choosing to go freelance is a great option if you’d like flexible working hours and the opportunity to build a referral network. Many accountants offer personal accounting, tax, and consultancy services to their own clients and enjoy uncapped earnings.

You enjoy traveling the world

Hong Kong. London. Dubai. New York. If any of these places sound exciting to you, then you’re in luck, as these are just a few of the world’s greatest financial hubs – meaning you’ll find plenty of opportunity wherever you are.

You’re looking to start over

Sometimes it’s hard to admit you need to retrain to find a new lucrative career. However, the accounting industry is one of the most welcoming for career changers, and employers will value your ability to combine your previous work experience with fresh new accounting skills.

You’re eager to join a global network

Choosing to become an accountant gives you the opportunity to join a globally recognised professional accountancy body. As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with prospective employers, mentors, and people just like you.

You want to be respected for your work

Businesses know they’d be lost without accountants, and most individuals depend on them at least once a year during tax season. You’ll be in a position to significantly improve your clients’ lives financially and help make businesses grow. What’s more rewarding than that?!


If you’re thinking about retraining, you can start earning your professional qualification 100% online and be on the way to building an exciting career in accountancy.

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