The advance manufacturing course opens a gateway of interesting career opportunities for graduates from the engineering background including civil, mechanical, electric engineering and computer sciences

In today's technology driven world, innovation and speed have become the qualifying qualities to join the league of industry's ‘bests’. Technology could be something as small as purchasing groceries online or as big as running an entire production chain.

Speaking about production, technology has immensely benefitted the manufacturing and engineering industries over the past decade by saving time, money, and making the best use of the available resources. In these industries, technology is involved right from project planning to execution and overall monitoring of the processes in place. This brings us to talk about Advanced Manufacturing Systems.

What is Advanced Manufacturing Systems (AMS)?

Advanced Manufacturing Systems is a concept that utilizes innovative, cutting edge technology for manufacturing efficient designs and flexible, problem-solving products.

Thinking about a career in Advanced Manufacturing Systems? Here is how you can pursue it!

Brunel University’s Advanced Manufacturing Systems MSc Online

Brunel University, London, offers an interesting course - Advanced Manufacturing Systems MSc Online, that prepares you for a career in managing and overseeing advanced systems/technologies such as robotics, industry 4.0 technologies, smart device deployment and sensors, and manufacturing software including Fishbowl Manufacturing, NetSuite, Prodsmart and UpKeep.

The masters in manufacturing engineering programme is meticulously designed to encompass a comprehensive range of subjects, latest techniques, and excellent laboratory resources. The course aims to produce leading industry-4.0 focused engineers and researchers to tackle the modern industrial environment’s challenges.

Brunel’s advanced manufacturing systems syllabus touches upon critical engineering topics such as advanced design, manufacturing technologies, and quality engineering management. Additionally, you can benefit from the Institution of Mechanical Engineering (IMechE) and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) accreditations, which enable you to prepare for Chartered Engineer status.

The masters in manufacturing management course is delivered online allowing individuals to maintain a perfect balance between their personal and professional commitments.

Careers in Advanced Manufacturing Systems

The advance manufacturing course opens a gateway of interesting career opportunities for graduates from the engineering background including civil, mechanical, electric engineering and computer sciences. The course is also an ideal choice for those employed in the automotive, energy and manufacturing industry, who look forward to securing a senior position in their respective tenures ahead. Following are some of the senior positions that one can consider after completing MS Advanced Manufacturing program:

Design Engineer

Design engineers play a crucial role in the initial ideation of a product or the processes involved. They are responsible for studying, researching, and developing ideas or systems for manufacturing new products. A design engineer is expected to have strong technical knowledge along with problem-solving skills, the ability to communicate well and manage projects as required. As per Glassdoor, the average salary of a design engineer is $74,000/year.

Research and Technology Engineer

A research and technology engineer’s job requires one to apply research theories and principles while conducting experiments and research on technical systems or components. Their responsibilities include designing test procedures, collaborating standards for procedures, creating designs for devices with innovative concepts and compiling relevant data such as cost calculations. Research engineers are required in a range of industries including aerospace, mechanics, and petroleum. Career community Glassdoor suggests the average salary of a research engineer to be around $81,189/year.

Advanced Manufacturing Engineer

The role of an advanced manufacturing engineer involves using innovative technology such as robotics, augmented reality, and smart device deployment to improve products and processes. Some of the responsibilities include identifying and planning manufacturing improvement projects, researching and analysing best practices in manufacturing concepts, staying updated with latest manufacturing technology, developing, and maintaining product quality standards and improving manufacturing methods, among others. As per Glassdoor, the average salary of an advanced manufacturing engineer is around $85,077 with an average bonus of $5,500 tentatively.

Continuous Improvement Engineer

The continuous improvement engineer (CIE) is involved in lean manufacturing. Such profiles are required to eliminate wastefulness in production practices and develop efficient systems which include individuals, machines, materials, information, and technology for the production of goods or services. A CIE is expected to be a good decision-maker and problem-solver, along with being technically sound and good at gathering information. Glassdoor suggests that the average salary of a CIE is $75,000/year.

Manufacturing Manager

A manufacturing manager is responsible for planning, scheduling, and managing manufacturing production processes. The manager is required to ensure that the manufacturing performance, quantity, and quality of the process meets the expected standards while optimally using the existing human resources. According to Glassdoor, the average pay of a Manufacturing Manager is $47,945 / year.

Materials Supply Chain Optimisation Manager

The materials supply chain optimisation manager is responsible for overseeing every stage of production; from purchasing raw materials to delivery of the final product, optimal placement of inventory within the supply chain, and ensuring that the right amount of products are available at the right time. It is also important for one to know the technological processes and tools involved in the manufacturing and distribution processes.

With so many interesting career options to choose from, Advanced manufacturing presents a positive outlook on the future of manufacturing engineering. Begin your career in advanced manufacturing by applying now!