Get ahead in fashion

Spanish, German or one of many other options; get ahead in fashion with a second language

Knowing a second language has always been thought of as a useful talent, whether used purely for personal reasons, like being able to communicate effectively while travelling, or professionally as a positive skill to show off to employers.

However, the world today is becoming increasingly connected, with international trade and co-operation between countries becoming more and more of a focus in various different sectors and types of business. This means that being able to speak a second language is more important, and can get you further, than ever before.

Writer from London language school, The Language Gallery, Erin O’Neill, shares a few reasons why it pays to speak a second language if you want to get ahead in the fashion sector. And if this post inspires you to try to learn a second language, German or Spanish classes in the evenings are becoming increasingly popular in London!


Fashion employers seek out language skills

International brands will look for candidates that can speak more than one language. It is not always necessary to be fluent – sometimes companies will be satisfied with a basic knowledge and offer you further training. With a second language, employers can be assured that they have a candidate who will be able to communicate with potential partners or clients overseas, giving you an edge over competitors who might only be able to speak English. Remember, do not try to pretend you know a language well if you only know the basics, it will reflect badly on you in the long run!


Travel opportunities

One of the advantages of working in the fashion industry is the opportunity to travel. Jet setting around capitals, attending Fashion Week and other industry events may seem par for the course to outsiders looking in. If you can speak the language, you aren’t just more likely to be chosen to attend, but you’ll be able to network with industry professionals and make useful contacts for the future.



Whether you want to be a designer, a fashion reporter or a manager of luxury brands, second language skills will give you an advantage when it comes to networking. You’ll open yourself up to professional opportunities in different countries and be able to build your international career by networking with industry professionals – some potential clients are sure to be impressed if you can speak their language.


Global industry

Fashion is an international industry; there are major brands based all around the world. Christian Dior in France, Zara in Spain, H&M in Sweden, Uniqlo in Japan and Michael Kors in Hong Kong… the list goes on and on. Being able to speak the native lingo will be nothing but advantageous to a career in this sector.


A good first impression

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is notoriously cut throat. Any advantage could mean the difference between getting a client, or a top job, over a competitor. As well as a good handshake, being able to speak the native language of clients and other industry professionals will help you to make a good first impression. It shows that you don’t just assume other people will speak your language, and have put time and effort into learning something new.

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