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Perhaps you’re thinking of returning to education to boost your employability, maybe you’re looking to start a new vocation, or you might just want to kick start your current career.

Whatever the reason for wanting to study a bachelor degree online, there is usually one question at the forefront of an applicant’s mind; is the BSc degree worth the investment? Here are a few reasons why getting your BSc degree might be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Higher Expected Salary

According to a 2015 report from USA Today, the average bachelor’s degree salary comes in significantly higher than that of non-graduates, with a business degree one of the top five qualifications for the highest earning potential. In addition, bachelor’s graduates earn significantly higher average salaries compared to other disciplines. A study conducted by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics also showed a high correlation between unemployment and earnings potential. Those with a bachelor’s degree had substantially more income and a much lower unemployment rate compared to people without the degree.

Plenty of Career Opportunities

With a BSc Hons in Business or Finance, there are ample career paths to explore. Financial analyst, marketing manager, sales representative, HR manager; these are just some of the common routes taken after completing a BSc degree. An added bonus for business and finance graduates is that these kinds of roles are needed in nearly every type of organisation, meaning that you can end up in a whole range of diverse and exciting industries, which is definitely worth considering if you value career flexibility.

Qualifications Trump Experience

Business degrees continue to be extremely popular but despite their positive reputation, people still question their worth. In recent years, the debate between the value of experience and academic knowledge has been a hot topic in the business world, with some suggesting experience as the more useful asset in the current job market. However, M.I.T. economist David Autor believes the opposite is true: “Sending young people to college is not a panacea but not sending them to college would be a disaster.”

Experience will always be an important commodity, but academic qualifications provide a concrete demonstration of the skills you can offer employers. Additionally, for the more coveted business-related positions, a bachelor’s degree is often an essential requirement for application. In 2014, a CBS news study reported that “27% of employers have raised their educational requirements in the past five years”. A large amount of the 2,000 hiring managers featured in the study believed they saw higher standard of work, improved communication and more revenue generated from university educated staff. In addition, attaining a BSc degree online also demonstrates important abilities such as independent critical thinking, multitasking and self-motivation; all of which are desirable qualities for employers.

Ultimately, a BSc degree has the potential to open many doors and whether the focus is on business or finance, an online bachelor’s degree is a great starting point for those looking to enter the corporate world.

Ready to invest in your future? Take a look at our accredited online bachelor degree programmes in Business Management and Financial Management.

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