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Ah, the age-old question again! How to get the work done? Irrespective of what kind of work culture we belong to, getting things done within a stipulated timeline has always been a challenge for any large-scale projects or big marketing campaigns or government plans to be executed within a deadline.

But ever since technology has penetrated the business of enhancing productivity levels, the nightmare is no longer haunting the lives of managers who have been chasing their teams to complete a task within a deadline.

Here are the top 5 apps which cover all aspects of streamlining a certain project by breaking it down into small components and assigning them to the concerned teams.

  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Trello
  • Evernote
  • Calm

Google Drive

Pricing – Free, Business plans: Rs. 125/month onwards

The idea of this app is to allow you to store, categorize, share, and synchronize their data in a manner that helps you have a secure backup of your data and collaborate with your co-workers working towards a common goal. It also lets you assimilate its seamlessness with the current apps being used in your teams or organization. Data security and user-friendliness is a no brainer with Google’s official apps. This app is a must-have for anybody who is looking out for a true-life saviour without getting into the hassles of any fiddly sign-up forms.

Microsoft Teams

Pricing – Free for up to 100 members, Paid version: Rs. 125/month onwards

Microsoft has done a remarkable job by integrating its sought-after proprietary Office features into a one-of-its-kind business collaboration platform by making it a beautiful intersection of both worlds. It enables you to integrate all the essential tools and business collaboration platforms in one place.

This IM app brilliantly irons out all the inconvenient menus and ambiguous UI, thereby making it so simple to defy all the geographical barriers and make your virtual business meetings or remote classroom lectures a lot more interactive than usual.

What makes it highly recommended and acclaimed is the fact it allows you to choose your favourite digital platforms and integrate them effortlessly to bring your daily work to fruition!!


Pricing – Partially free, Paid version: $3.75/month onwards

Now that is where you need to drop that Trello is a sure-shot productivity powerhouse that encapsulates all your key life priorities in one single view and helps you bring an incredible synchroneity between your urgent and important tasks. The concept of this app is to help you micromanage yourself by scheduling all the macro priorities by defining them down into microtasks.

Irrespective of what age group you belong to, we tend to get lost between our most critical life goals and amusing distractions that insidiously come our way.

Trello lets you track all your important targets and have them in front of you with the help of boards and cards.

The unprecedented design of this app keeps you highly engrossed in chasing your short-term and long-term goals. It is a must-have for all students, working professionals and entrepreneurs.


Cost – Basic version – Free, Business plan– $290/year for minimum 5 team members

Don’t be disappointed. The sole purpose behind suggesting Calm solely is entirely inclined towards increasing your attention span and clarity towards your haywire thoughts and emotions.

To have our actions aligned to our goals, our thoughts & emotions require to be harmonised so that we do not let anything invade our disciplinary edges and unconsciously seek instant gratification through scrolling on social media content or become subjected to window-shopping tendencies that creep into our mind while working or studying.

his app reminds us to reveal and connect with our unresolved emotional biases and bounce back with a concrete action plan to repair the disconnection between our conscious goals and subconsciously deep-rooted prejudices that distract us big time.

his app reminds us to reveal and connect with our unresolved emotional biases and bounce back with a concrete action plan to repair the disconnection between our conscious goals and subconsciously deep-rooted prejudices that distract us big time.

It is fair to conclude that Calm helps you unknot your inborn potential which keeps it far ahead of all the productivity apps out there.


Cost – Basic version – Free, Premium plans – Rs. 190/month

This app is undoubtedly a one-stop solution for documenting everything ranging from your out-of-the-blue thoughts, your meeting notes, planning processes of large-scale projects and clipping the essential pieces of digital content – be it video, image, audio, or text - in one single corner of your device across all platforms.

Ever since its launch, this app has been diligently exceeding its users’ expectations and observing their requirements and improving according to their progressive needs ranging from arranging team meetings and interviews to scheduling large-scale projects and booking calendars.

Evernote is one of those well-established project planning apps that comes with a dedicated chrome extension called the Evernote Web Clipper that makes your experience of project planning and documentation a lot more delightful by letting you capture inspiration as and when you need to.

The only con it brings is its huge price tag but the overwhelming level of automation it gives to different components of your projects and routine tasks is simply impressive and a must-have for anybody who seeks a streamlined wrap-up of their easy-to-overlook tasks.

All these apps steal the thunder by being the most user-friendly and self-illustrative apps that do not need you to be insanely in love with tech or find online tutorials to learn how to use them, unlike most of them out being marketed out there.

BONUS TIP – If you want to come to grips with the situation of not being able to accomplish what you must do, then you want to help yourself with the help of a technique called self-mirroring.

In simple words, try micromanaging yourself without suppressing your impulsive tendencies to get distracted - just like you would help a close friend to come out of a mess they are stuck in.

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