Some project managers are discussing about some project after doing project management course

Any function in any business needs a certain set of tasks to be defined and accomplished under some given timelines within a certain budget. During their execution, stakeholders need all the tasks to be carried out by designated resources – team members, required tools and infrastructure, to ensure daily productivity is in place.

Why pursue Project Management as a career?

There are two major reasons to pursue this career – Demand and Nature of your job.

First, the need for a competent project manager is widely acknowledged in all industries and functions who understands the critical weightage of all relevant aspects in a project concerning the overall business.

According to a recent report by PMI, a jaw-dropping amount of $209 billion is at risk due to the anticipated project management shortage. Therefore, employers need to fill the talent gap of 2.2 million project-related roles by 2027.

This clearly explains the massive demand and potential in the field of project management courses.

Another major reason to choose a career in project management is the fast-paced volatility involved in being a project manager. No two days look alike.

You would find your job to be the best of all when it comes to versatility involved in leading teams, assessing the risk, assuring the expected quality, defining goals and managing the expectations between stakeholders & team members.

How to pursue a career in Project Management in 2022?

The profession of Project Manager is fortunate enough to be entrusted and regulated by the Project Management Institute. It identifies the challenges being reported by project managers all over the world and updates the curriculum accordingly when required.

The curriculum is then adopted by all credible and established institutions for higher education in the world.

In India, there are two ways of becoming or switching to the role of a Project Manager – Work Experience or Formal Education.

Either, you can choose to climb up to the senior management roles by showing results through your performance and learning on the job over the initial years of your career.

Some companies are blessed to have such leadership officers who identify and understand the value of in-house talent and know-how to prepare them for expertise as long as the intent to learn and grow is shown.

However, this route does not necessarily promise you the right training from the right mentors in your journey to the dream position in your organization.

Therefore, the route of formal education is a better and much-preferred option for a lot of reasons.

Parting thoughts

Formal education provides you with an edge over your counterparts in all possible aspects of being highlighted to the recruiters and operational heads.

A very few universities in the world utilise the right pedagogy to impart the essential project management skills and knowledge for efficient project management.

A qualified project manager must realise and justify his existence by foreseeing what could go wrong before it actually does.

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