Artificial Intelligence v/s Cyber Security: Which career is better?

The internet has developed, as have the hazards and applications associated with it. In the 1970s, computers were safer, but with the arrival of the internet, they have become a perilous environment, with various malware lurking about to steal information. The internet's positive aspects include applications such as artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity are two distinct fields, yet they are frequently confused due to their overlap in application. We'll discover the lines that separate these two in this section.


What is cyber security?

Since the data has grown so large and the internet has gotten so unregulated, cybersecurity has become a must-have for both businesses and individuals. The technique of protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from hostile intrusions is known as cyber security.


There are several types of cybercrimes that must be dealt with. Fishing, social engineering, spoofing, reverse engineering, and other cybercrimes attack the data point in a variety of ways. The primary function of cybersecurity is to protect against these threats.


What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

As the name suggests it is intelligence shown by artificial things i.e., machines. We have many attempts to make machines work like humans and Artificial intelligence is one such attempt. Its proponents argue that because the human brain is simply understandable, it can be mimicked using machines and algorithms.

The simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, particularly computer systems, is known as artificial intelligence. Expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, and machine vision are examples of AI applications. Artificial intelligence has already been used in speech recognition, self-driving automobiles, smart web browsers, and various other areas.

Cyber Security v/s Artificial Intelligence

The main distinction between cybersecurity and artificial intelligence is that cybersecurity is concerned with protecting computer systems and the networks that connect them from data theft, whereas artificial intelligence is concerned with the use of intelligent machines to carry out specific tasks based on their perception. Artificial intelligence is in no way comparable to the cognitive activities carried out by human brains.


Both cybersecurity and artificial intelligence are technological applications. While the process of analysing data generates a large number of data points in cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence can be utilised to manage and analyse those data points. To comprehend Artificial Intelligence, one needs have a solid knowledge of coding and algorithms but understanding Cybersecurity and its operations necessitates a working knowledge of networking.