How can I expand my expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Over the previous few decades, technological advancements in education have been remarkable. This is especially true when we consider that technology-assisted instruction is now found everywhere. We are surrounded by technologies that makes seamless online education a reality. These include virtual reality techniques, online submission of homework, live sessions with geographically dispersed industry experts, and mobile learning applications.

What this means is that your last education need not be your graduation, masters, or PhD degree. You can now use ed tech to integrate education and learning in your day-to-day life and (a) stay updated with latest industry trends and (b) keep building your certification database without interrupting your career.

Q)- What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)?

A) - AI is the idea that computers can be programmed (by human beings) to undertake tasks that would earlier require a certain level of human intelligence and intervention. ML is the development of software and systems that enable computers to use algorithms, statistical patterns to understand data and hence become a better version of their previous self.

Q)- Why do we need AI & ML when we have human beings?

A) - Take the example of conversational chat bots vs call centres. Suppose a human being can answer an average of 50 calls during an 8-hour shift but a chat bot can answer an endless array of calls throughout the day. We are also living in a 24x7 world and people often reach out with problems at all odd hours. A chat bot does not need to work in a shift, and it has infinite patience and memory. Conversational chat bots – that use AI - have quickly become an indispensable tool, when executed properly.



Q)- Should I consider a career in AI & ML?

A) - It is well known that there is rising demand for specialists in Artificial Intelligence in India and globally. Most companies look at past experience in the field, along with a certification that proves you are well versed in the knowledge of AI & ML. It’s best if you choose a course that gives you a globally recognised certification, as well as live sessions with industry experts. One option is the Edology’s Post Graduate Programme in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With this course, you can take your career to new heights as you harness market driven demand for skills in the emerging field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. You can learn from thought leaders and industry practitioners as they take you on a journey starting from the emergence of what we now call Artificial Intelligence to the frontier of innovation in this technology.

What remains to be answered is whether AI will be able to recreate the empathy and creative thinking that are essential components of a teacher's function in the classroom, or whether the complete replacement of instructors by AI will be pedagogically beneficial to learning.

Q)- What are the key highlights of this course:

  • 100+ hours of LIVE classes by IBM experts
  • Job opportunities with 300+ corporate partners
  • Guaranteed interview with IBM for top performers
  • Course is designed and taught by IBM Professionals
  • You get internships and job opportunities with IBM
  • You get an internationally recognised IBM certification badge
  • There are also IBM awards for top performers
  • You can avail a no cost EMI when applying for this course