If you’re planning on earning your MBA, you may want to consider choosing a specialisation.

An MBA specialisation will provide you with the skills and industry-specific knowledge you need to fast-track your career development.

Whether you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder or change career paths, these top 10 MBA specialisations are designed to give you the tools you need to help you reach your professional goals.


This is the ideal specialisation for those who are looking to start their own business. You’ll develop the management skills needed to build your business from the ground up. Your credentials will also foster confidence in potential investors and job applicants who’re looking to join a new and growing company.

Financial Management

If you’ve got experience working in the finance industry and are looking for a career boost, this specialisation will provide you with corporate performance management competencies and a targeted study of advanced corporate reporting, which collectively will put you on the fast-track towards achieving a middle or senior level management position in this highly profitable sector.

HR Management

Specialising in HR management will prepare you to become a leading practitioner in what is considered to be an invaluable function of every organisation. Professionals who’ve got a few years of experience under their belt will be able to utilise the specialist knowledge they will gain in human capital and cross-cultural management to regulate company culture and institute corporate policies.

Investment Banking

Are you passionate about raising capital and providing financial advisory services? An MBA in Investment Banking will steer you in the right direction for either an M&A or equity capital markets role. You’ll derive critical evaluation skills needed to work at some of the world’s leading investment banks. This is a great choice for candidates who may lack the relevant work experience and are looking for a career change.

Project Management

Each and every company or organisation has business problems, undergoes structural changes, and implements long-term objectives. Specialising in project management will prepare you for a range of management roles, increasing your candidacy in the eyes of leading employers. You’ll learn how to evaluate project life cycles and suggest improvements, as well as applying cross-cultural incentives to foster productive and profitable outcomes.

International Business

In today’s marketplace, the demand for intercultural management skills and the ability to apply a global theoretical framework when making corporate decisions has increased tenfold, as almost every successful organisation has gone global. Specialising in international business will prepare you for a range of roles where you may be serving international clients, working in foreign markets, and influencing global business strategies.

Innovation & Technology Management

For those looking to combine their talents in business administration and IT expertise, this specialisation is calling your name. If you want to get ahead of the pack by tailoring your studies to what is seen by many industry leaders as the future bread-winner of the global economy, specialising in innovation and technology management will equip you with the analytical tools and product development design needed to affect organisational growth.

Hospitality, Sport & Tourism Management

Professionals in the hospitality, sport, and tourism sectors can take their career to the next level by opting for this specialisation. You’ll acquire advanced skills in the leadership strategy, evaluation know-how, and global marketing techniques that senior level executives need in order to direct the operations of leisure, tourism, or sports businesses.

Luxury Brand Management

This is a great option for aspiring entrepreneurs or working professionals looking to progress their career towards a more challenging role in the luxury brand industry. In addition to studying fashion marketing theory and fostering essential brand management skills, you’ll acquire essential global marketing expertise, and be able to analyse micro and macro trends, giving you the confidence to make an impact on this exciting industry.

Oil, Gas and Energy Management

If you’re interested in joining one of the world’s fastest growing industries, then specialising in oil, gas and energy management will expose you to a network of employment opportunities that can take you all over the world. You’ll learn the inner workings of the hydrocarbon sector and be able to apply strategic managerial skills when assessing the challenges that political and environmental factors bring forth to this ever-evolving landscape.

Recommended Programmes

The Global MBA (Entrepreneurship) provides the entrepreneurial knowledge and skills needed to establish a successful business.

  • Marketing Management


  • Financial Management


  • HR Management


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