Data Science: A Career Worth Pursuing

Q)- What can I expect in a course of Data Science?

A) - Data science is a highly sought-after career in today's world. Nowadays, businesses prefer to base their decisions on data, as this helps them take informed decisions which enhance performance and revenue. But data can just be an endless and sometimes meaningless database of statistics, unless you have someone who knows how to read it properly and use the insights accurately. This is where a skilled Data Scientist has an edge over those who are not educated in the basics of data analysis.
Learning the science of data includes gaining knowledge of scientific methods, algorithms, processors, and systems. The idea is to gain accurate insights from both structured and unstructured data.

Q)- What should I look for when choosing the best Data Science course?

A) - Since data science is a dynamic field and requires updated knowledge of the latest trends in the IT worlds, you should opt for a course which has a globally recognised certification and is taught by experienced industry leaders in tech. Edology’s Post Graduate Programme in Data Science with IBM features the perfect mix of theory, case studies, and hands-on practice to help anyone looking to fast track their career in data science. After a successful completion of the course, you also get a globally recognised IBM digital badge that can be added to your social media profiles like LinkedIn. During the course, You will be taught by experienced IBM faculty on live industry case studies, work on capstone projects in multiple domains and have industry exposure to elevate your learning experience.

Q)- USPs of the Edology X IBM Course on Data Science:

  • 100+ hours of LIVE classes by IBM experts
  • Job opportunities with 300+ corporate partners.
  • Guaranteed interview with IBM for top performers.
  • 1 on 1 mentorship from industry experts.
  • 300+ corporate placement partners.


Q)- Who should take this course?

  • Data science professionals
  • Professionals aiming to fast track their IT career
  • Developers and project managers
  • Individuals with an undergraduate degree and a keen interest in data science

Q)- How do I know if I can apply for a career in Data Science?

The Data Science course eligibility criteria are:

  • A strong understanding of school level mathematics and statistics
  • No previous experience in coding, programming or computer science is required.
  • Working professionals from non tech fields like e-commerce, social media, retail, aviation etc can also gain knowledge in data analytics and fast track their career growth.