Data Science- a career worth pursuing?

What are the core subjects for Data Science?
Data science is one of the most demanding fields in today’s world. This field uses scientific methods, algorithms, processors and systems to gain insights from structured & unstructured data. It is a multidisciplinary field and the future of Artificial Science. The core subjects in the best Data Science courses would include- Big Data, Machine Learning, and Statistical Modelling. Therefore, the topics are included as per the three core subjects.

What are the topics covered in Data Science?
The topics covered in Data Science include Linear Algebra, Probability & Statistics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Databases, Business Intelligence, Computer Programming, Computer Architecture, Numerical Methods, Parallel Programming, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision and Operating Systems. A good data scientist will need some background in all of these areas to be able solve wide variety of data science problems.

What are the required courses for Data Science?
A Data Science course eligibility requires:

  • A strong understanding of statistics and probability
  • A strong understanding of computer science, machine learning algorithms and how they work
  • A strong understanding of distributed systems and/or domain knowledge

To top it off, excellent communication skills would be an added advantage for those willing to pursue data science


What are some of the best Data Science courses?
Some of the best Data Science courses would include:

  • MicroMasters Program in Statistics and Data Science
  • Data Science Specialization Course
  • Machine Learning, Data Science, and Deep Learning with Python
  • Machine Learning with Javascript
  • The Complete Machine Learning Course with Python
  • Data Science: Machine Learning
  • Intro to Machine Learning with PyTorch
  • HarvardX’s Data Science Professional Certificate
  • Introduction to Machine Learning Course
  • ColumbiaX’s Artificial Intelligence MicroMasters Program


What is a B.Sc in Data Science program? Is it a good course?
B.Sc Data Science or Bachelor of Science in Data Science is a 3-year Under-Graduate degree course that is further split into six semesters which comes under the domains of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. B.Sc Data Science degree offers an extensive blend of Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics. The employment areas after doing a B.Sc could range from the financial sector, IT firms, Insurance sector to Large Businesses, Manufacturing firms and Service sectors. Since it is a vast field with various job opportunities, it would be a good decision to pursue a career towards Data Science.