How to Upskill and Become a Data Scientist Everyone Wants to Hire

At a very basic level, data scientists are problem solvers. They have business acumen and analytical skills that help them analyse large amounts of unstructured data and then find results that drive strategic decision-making in their organisation. They find patterns in data that can help them gain important customer and revenue insights.

What are the skills needed to become a good data scientist?
The topics covered in Data Science include Linear Algebra, Probability & Statistics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Databases, Business Intelligence, Computer Programming, Computer Architecture, Numerical Methods, Parallel Programming, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision and Operating Systems. A good data scientist will need some background in all of these areas to be able solve wide variety of data science problems.

What are the required courses for Data Science?

  • A basic understanding of statistics and mathematics is important.
  • You must know how to use various tech tools available in the market that can help you extract and analyse relevant data.
  • Soft skills are important since you will need to communicate clearly with the various stakeholders and explain to them your findings.
  • Basic understanding of algorithms that help you classify and mine data.

Which industries use data?

Almost all industries use data today. We have listed some of them below:

  • Retail Industry: Where the demand to buy and sell property is high and when it is low can be gauged by analysing financial and other data.
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals: This field uses data in everything from sales to research. How to position a new drug, which drug is in demand at which time, how tools like fitness apps can help people –are just some of the examples of how data is used.
  • E-commerce: Uses customer and industry data to find patterns of consumption behaviour that will help them choose which product is more in demand and in which location.


Apart from these, domains like media, social apps, finance, manufacturing, education, and insurance also use data to drive growth.


How can I become a data scientist?
To establish your credentials, it is best to get a good certification or degree in data science. Our prestigious and in-demand PGP in Data Science by IBM offers you the flexibility of upskilling in Data Science even as you pursue your education or career.

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