11 quintessential Christmas businesses

From social obligations, to shopping mall frustrations, ‘Christmas Chaos’ is an all-too-familiar experience for many of us. Business in general will experience a spike in the number of consumers.

In amongst the throng of shoppers and Santa’s Grottos, and parties of all kinds, exist a range of essential services and solutions to make the festive season run more smoothly. Here’s our selection, focussing on food, and the giving of gifts.

1. Personal Shopper

          People lead busy lives, and Christmas is a time of year that’s busier than usual. If you’re someone content to wrestle with crowds, why not capitalise on that by taking on the burden of someone else’s gift buying?  

2. Gift wrapping service

          You never get a second chance to make a first impression! An artistically-wrapped present can make all the difference, so if you’re aesthetically-inclined, why not start your own Christmas enterprise?

3. Event organiser

           Holiday season is when companies and families alike want to throw their important people the best party in town. People with organisational skills and flair are well suited to coordinating exciting events, whilst building on their expertise.

4. Christmas catering         

          Great events need great food; one of the most in-demand areas over the busy holiday period is keeping all the party-goers fed with seasonal sustenance.

5. Handcrafted items/card maker

          Bespoke items – or just those with an individual touch – are a more thoughtful way to convey your yuletide thoughts. If you know how to craft with wood, glass, textiles, or something more unique, your stocking fillers could turn a profit.

6. Christmas decorator/lights installer

          Whether it’s a humble home or an opulent office, lights and decorations are a key aspect of marking the occasion. If you’re handy with LEDs or baubles, hire out your services to holidaymakers in need.

7. Musicians

          From talented piano players to crazy DJs, parties need music. So facilitate the party by creating happy memories, as guests make merry dancing to their favourite Christmas tunes!

8. Holiday property rental

          Whilst Christmas is a time to spend with the family, it doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be spent at home! Renting out a property – especially one with a log fire – is a sure-fire seasonal business idea.

9. Tree and wreath sales

          Whilst plastic requires less cleaning post-Christmas, nothing can beat the look (and smell) of a real pine tree.

10. Ice rinks

          Those with a more sporting mindset might be inclined to take advantage of the seasonal weather, and delight Christmas holiday-makers with an outdoor ice rink.

11. Charity

          As Christmas is the time of giving back, why not support – or establish – a charitable cause to give those less fortunate a chance to celebrate. Worthy causes such as The Salvation Army are operating around the UK and further afield to brighten Christmas in a number of different ways.