4 common Christmas crimes


Christmas is known as a time for family and friends, full of parties, presents, and one-too-many pastries. However, Christmas can also be a time of carelessness or desperation, and occasionally, exploitation.

Ranging from opportunistic one-offs, to the tried and tested scams of seasoned criminals, the Christmas period sees holidays ruined for many in a variety of ways. Here are just some of the most common ways the law is broken over Christmas.

We can all be sure that these people won’t make it onto the ‘nice’ list.

1. Drink driving

Endless Champagne, office punch bowls, suspicious eggnog - Christmas is a time of year notorious for excess. Depending on your country, the legal driving limit can differ, however the temptation to share one more glass with an old acquaintance means driving under the influence crashes in as one of the most common criminal offences.

2. Burglary

Planning to go away for the holidays? Anyone who has seen Christmas favourite ‘Home Alone’ knows the dangers of leaving your home insufficiently guarded, however the same goes for your car, or place of work. Try to ensure alarms are set, and trusted neighbours know your plans.

3. Pick-pocketing

Crowded Christmas markets can be a real draw for locals and tourists alike - which means they’re also going to draw pickpockets. Many shoppers have greater quantities of cash on their person during this time, and in 2017 £20,000 of valuables were pickpocketed in one UK Christmas market alone.

4. Fraud and identity theft

From online scammers to street hawkers taking advantage of the seasonal rush, your payment card details, and other forms of personal information are at risk. Prevent phishing, skimming, and physical theft by remaining vigilant, using trusted suppliers, and keeping on top of your finances.