New year, new you

As the fireworks crackle in the night sky above us, and the crowd join hands to sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’, a familiar promise rings from everyone’s lips: ‘this will be my year’. And it certainly can be, with the right outlook.

The types of resolutions made depend very much on the person, though some of the most common are: getting in shape; saving more money; learning a new language; better time management; career advancement. Similarly, the ability to stick to these new plans depends very much on the type of person you are – particularly your commitment to change.

Out of all the resolutions promising self-improvement made early on, approximately 80% will fail by the second week of February. So how can you buck the trend, and ensure real change for your future?

Why do people fail?

People who’ve recently decided to go about seeking change often lack adequate encouragement, support, or information that comes with the shared effort of community.

They may also not recognise the small advances in progress they’ve made; with their eye on a distant target, they may lose faith as they only see the huge distance remaining, not the distance they have come.

Regardless of your preferred area of self-improvement, a few ground rules will make this achievable.

How can I succeed?

Rather than being overly ambitious, setting realistic targets will ultimately help. Having an end result in mind seems positive, but may actually cause more damage to your goals than you realise. Instead, specifying clear, straightforward targets help you to move to your goal step by step, and prevents you getting lost along the way.

Try, where possible, to share your efforts with others by joining a class, club, or community. Remember that:

Simple aspirations will be the most easily attainable.

Tangible goals can be more easily measured.

Obvious targets, such as ‘to-do’ lists or diaries give you accountability. Have your friends push you.

Consistent progress, no matter how small, is better than no progress at all.

If your 2019 resolution is to learn a new skill or subject, or improve your career potential, then online learning creates the ideal environment to meet each of these markers.

Self-improvement is about investing in yourself. One of the most rewarding ways to do this is through education. Whether challenging yourself with a new skill, or going further towards your existing goals, you can chart your progress in manageable modules, as you work towards a defined end result.

You were never going to take up kite surfing anyway!

Happy New Year from everyone in the Edology Team. We hope 2019 will be your year to reach your goals.

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