Christmas apps

From the frivolous time-killer to the financial aid, a range of different digital applications have entered our lives and become essential in our day-to-day dealings.

You may be looking for a useful tool to help you plan your Christmas obligations, something thoughtful to share with distant loved ones, or perhaps a fun distraction in the lengthy shopping queues or congested holiday travel hold-ups. Whatever the reason, there are fun and innovative applications for Android and iOS which can help to make your Christmas more enjoyable.

1. The Christmas List (Free)

Keep track of what you’ve bought and for whom, with this useful gift planner which will help you stay on budget.

2. Christmas Pics quiz game (Free)

Fill in the blank letters to correctly name the Christmas-themed picture clues.

3. ElfYourself (Free)

Upload photos of you, your friends, and family and watch the charming dancing animation play out! You can share the final product to social media, but remember to tag everybody.

4. PNP (Portable North Pole) (Free)

This app features customisable videos and phone calls from Santa, which can be targeted to kids or adults, along with an advent calendar, Santa Radar, and countdown to the big day.

5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (£3.39)

This popular story by Dr. Seuss is now realised as an interactive app which will entertain children (and big kids) with enjoyable narration and custom sound effects.

6. Santa Tracker (Free)

Eager to know where Santa is at all times, on his quest to fulfill his Christmas duties? Put your questions to bed as you stay up to greet the jolly gift-giver.