The media and communications industry is growing and changing faster than ever before. As business becomes more global, it becomes more vital for information to be shared on multi-media platforms.

Here we’re including some of the highest-paying careers in this exciting and ever-evolving sector. Which one will you choose?

Account Director

Account directors are generally responsible for managing the relationships between the client and the agency they represent. They communicate customer demands to agency leaders.

Average Salary: £66,495


The editor in chief is the most senior ranking editor for a publication. They oversee all department editors and are the main decision-makers behind what gets published.

Average Salary: £53,921

Marketing Director

The marketing director oversees the marketing staff of a company. They actively look for opportunities to launch new product offerings, enter new markets, and form new partnerships.

Average Salary: £108,034

News Anchor

News anchors deliver news stories on a television programme. As public figures, news anchors are network representatives who broadcast to selected audiences.

Average Salary: £40,882

Television Producer

Television producers manage the operational and financial functions of a TV programme. They also are involved in casting, scripting, design, and post-production decision making.

Average Salary: £45,938


Screenwriters work with directors and producers to create scripts for a TV programme or motion picture. They write scenes for a story which include descriptions of the setting and the characters.

Average Salary: £30,610

Recruiting Director

The recruiting director oversees the recruitment process for a company or organisation. They advise staff recruitment managers on innovative processes and develop solutions for unfilled vacancies.

Average Salary: £61,678

Film Critic

Film critics are established writers who provide insightful, researched, and intelligent analyses of a film’s execution, plot, direction, characters, and script. Most work for TV, newspapers, or radio.

Average Salary: £40,333

Purchasing Director

Purchasing directors are responsible for product procurement. They specialise in cost saving and profit generation as they develop relationships with suppliers and forecast future demand.

Average Salary: £62,361

Art Director

Within corporations, art directors are the creative heads behind advertising campaigns. In film production, they work in sync with production designers to oversee the construction of the film sets.

Average Salary: £58,085

The demand for skilled professionals in the media and communications industry is rising, and students like you now have the opportunity to gain the qualifications you need to enter the workforce with confidence. If you’d like to see yourself in one of these coveted positions, why not start earning your Mater's in Intergrated Marketing Communications today? 

*Salary information source: PayScale.com, GlassDoor, Indeed
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