Why PR career are rising

A career in public relations opens up new and exciting job opportunities for aspirational professionals.

So if you’re looking for a career that offers challenge and excitement in equal measure, here are five reasons why PR could be the right choice:

It’s a growing industry

Today, it is not uncommon to make contacts on Twitter, or use LinkedIn to grow your client base. Staying up-to-date on the latest trends is just one of the many job requirements of the modern-day PR professional, and today, content marketing, blogging, and social networking make up as much of PR practice as the profession’s offline components, which is great news for media-savvy professionals who want to advance their careers.

It’s never boring

Making a new contact one day can turn into a VIP party invite the next, which could land you golden networking opportunities. Aside from day to day activities, being successful requires you to meet new people, socialise, entertain and be entertained by others. Your calendar will be full of busy yet enjoyable engagements – and you’ll feel so confident in knowing that you can handle it all.

It’s versatile

There are no shortage of job titles in the PR world. Whether you like the sound of communications officer, marketing manager, or even director of public affairs, the opportunities are quite endless. Public relations graduates can find themselves working for Fortune 500 companies, A-list celebrities, or even governments. And what’s more, new job titles are continuously being created as the global communications environment evolves.

It’s profitable

With job prospects for PR professionals on the increase, you can be assured that salary packages and bonuses are also heading in the same direction. Plus, being that it’s a results-driven profession, those with master’s degrees in PR tend to earn significantly more than non-graduates. And if you are working in a sector with a relatively small talent pool, such as financial PR, you can expect even higher returns.

It’s highly rewarding

Do you enjoy being challenged? From writing press releases to managing profile accounts, you’ll take on a demanding schedule that will help you foster your strengths while feeling that you are making a contribution which is immediately visible. Plus, you can enjoy special perks, which can include (but are certainly not limited to) traveling the world, meeting famous people, and of course everyone’s favourite; getting free stuff!

If you think you’d like to enter this rewarding profession, take a look at our online MA in Media and Communications programme.

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