Whether you’re a practicing lawyer, or a professional who wants to know more about the legal aspects of your particular industry, you may be wondering if pursuing an LLM is the right choice for you. Here are six reasons why a Master of Laws degree can help boost your career prospects.

Specialise in an area of law.

Choosing to earn your LLM gives you the opportunity to take a one-year course focused on a particular area of law. This will help you establish yourself as an authority in your chosen field, as well as opening up new career and employability options.

Expand your legal knowledge.

The modern legal landscape is increasingly evolving, which means today there are greater demands placed on lawyers than ever before. Studying an LLM puts you at the forefront of current law developments – so you can discuss recent legal developments with confidence.

Fine-tune your research skills.

Going back to school means you’ll be conducting hours of legal research – an essential skill which lawyers in practice need to revisit on an ongoing basis. You’ll have extensive practise in analysing the law, drafting legal documents, and presenting your findings.

Grow your network.

Studying for your LLM means you’ll be meeting with like-minded professionals. Being able to network with fellow students, tutors, and industry professionals in and out of your legal specialisation can open many doors to lucrative employment opportunities. In fact, a recent survey by payscale.com revealed that LLM holders in the UK make on average £32,482 a year.*

Attract more employers.

You’ll acquire new perspectives on legal theory and specialist knowledge that can attract leading law firms throughout the world. Plus, attaining your LLM is a great way to top up your CV with a modern qualification that keeps you well-informed with regards to the evolving legal market.

Gain global recognition.

The Master of Laws degree is recognised all over the world, so you can be confident from having earned a qualification that will take you places, no matter where you choose to study. Plus, attaining your LLM online in Conflict Resolution or Intellectual Property will increase your competitive standing, as these law areas are highly sought after in the current employment environment.

Recommended Programmes

Take the i-LLM LPC online with The University of Law and get the qualification you need for your first legal training post at a professional law firm.

  • Conflict Resolution


  • Intellectual Property


  • LLB (Hons) QLD


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