Eco-friendly apps

Climate change, environmental preservation, and energy conservation are becoming increasingly important issues in the public consciousness.

More and more people are seeking to contribute towards a cleaner, safer, and healthier world in which to live. With very little effort, simply examining and making minor adjustments to the practices in our day-to-day activities can positively impact the environment. Here is a rundown of a few eco-themed apps that can make it easy (and sometimes even fun) to reduce your carbon footprint.

Dropcountr is great way to keep track of your water consumption – the first step in reducing your overall water usage. You can connect directly to your household water provider, who will then provide personal usage updates. Dropcountr also lets you compare your water usage to other users in a similar demographic so you can adjust your consumption accordingly. With this app you’re not just helping the environment, less water usage means savings on your utility bills and more money in your pocket! 

GoodGuide provides in-depth information and impartial advice on a range of products which are scientifically proven to be green and ethical.

GoodGuide uses data based on factors such as environmental and social impact, safety, and health ratings. Their independent team of ecological and environmental experts provide detailed information on various goods including food, cosmetics, and household items.

With an extensive database of over a quarter of a million products, you’re sure to find everything on your weekly shopping list. And the best bit – GoodGuide comes with a barcode scanner which lets you check the rating of products while you’re out doing the weekly shop.

Want to reduce your personal impact on the environment? Oroeco shows you how the choices you make on a daily basis affect the world around you.

Tracking everyday activities such as how you travel, what you eat, and where you do your shopping, this app will show you how your everyday life - and spending habits - connect to climate change.

Regularly sending you tips and advice on how to adjust your lifestyle to reduce your carbon footprint, Oroeco is a fun way to tackle a serious issue, and also helps you save money by reducing wastage and demonstrating less impactful ways to travel, work, and socialise.

A great app for the food lovers among us, Love Food Hate Waste is a simple but effective solution to food wastage.

As a society we throw away millions of pounds of still-edible food every year due to busy lifestyles, careless shopping habits, and forgetfulness. This app gives tips on how to shop more sensibly and reduce wastefulness.

Love Food Hate Waste lets you enter whatever leftover foodstuffs and ingredients you have in your kitchen, and will then suggest a variety of recipes to create, many of which have been dreamt up by famous chefs. So, now there’s no excuse to leave food lying around uneaten!

If you’re a budding eco-entrepreneur, keep checking our news page for information about our Annual Eco-Entrepreneur Scholarship initiative, where you could win a fully funded online MBA programme.

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