For those looking to unlock a high-flying career in global business, online MBA programmes have long be acknowledged as the number one choice.

We’ve compiled five of the best online MBA programme pathways that will help set you well on your way to achieving your business goals.


A relatively new discipline within the field of MBA studies, entrepreneurship is now emerging as a leading specialisation, especially amongst cutting-edge online MBA courses. Global corporations increasingly value the talents of graduates with the skills and business acumen required to identify and grow new revenue streams, and the ability to act independently and with initiative provides graduates with an extraordinary amount of career flexibility.


Historically one of the most popular areas of online MBA degree specialisation, finance has been rather out of vogue in the years following the 2008 crash. But for that reason there’s never been a better time to graduate with an MBA in Finance and set yourself apart as an indispensable asset in the eyes of leading corporations. More and more accredited online MBA programmes such as the Global MBA (Financial Management) are now seeking to incorporate the lessons learned from such economically game-changing events, which is putting finance back on the map as a top MBA programme.


The sheer pace of marketing’s transformation in the wake of the digital revolution has left many business scrambling to catch up, therefore the skills that graduates can gain through an MBA have never been so valuable. Just like marketing itself, technology has changed the way in which students learn, with many choosing to pursue the flexibility of a distance learning MBA programme such as the Comprehensive MBA, which allows you to study alongside a full-time job.


Strategy is an absolutely central concept that all MBA courses attempt to instil in their graduates. That’s why the ratings used to compile online MBA rankings are based upon recruiters’ analysis of a graduate’s ability to put strategic business theory into practice. All the best MBA programmes, especially those specialising in this field, are uniquely placed to produce practitioners with a strategic insight into how to pursue new commercial avenues and modernise existing corporate structures.


In many ways, innovation encapsulates the essence of the leading MBA programmes taught at the world’s best universities and business schools. Some education providers have gone a step further, offering specific programme streams in innovation management, and MBA graduates with a strong grounding in business innovation are highly sought after by employers across a range of business sectors.

If you’re interested in enrolling on an internationally recognised and accredited online MBA degree programme, click here to find the right specialisation for you and start taking the next step towards your professional goals.

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