There is one department that can put you right at the centre of company activity; the conduit through which business strategy suffuses the workforce; the hypothalamus of the corporate brain. That department is HR, Human Resources.

Let’s have a look at seven of the most rewarding aspects of a career in HR.

Job satisfaction

Through designing and implementing codes of practice and codes of ethics, the HR officer can set the tone of operations within a company. This can provide huge job satisfaction for the HR department, and subsequently for employees, especially if the company reaches optimum performance levels as a result.

An integral part of every organisation

Being responsible for the recruitment of new employees, the well-being of current employees, and the organisation of training and company team-building events all comes under the HR remit. Promoting the professional development and social cohesion of personnel contributes mightily to the health and success of the company.

Embodiment of company values

Representing the company at public events, conferences, and maintaining relationships with the media can fall under the remit of the experienced HR professional. There is often nobody who has quite such an in-depth perspective of company operations, or who exemplifies the company identity better than the HR officer in touch with every aspect of company life.

Major decision maker

The HR professional is a vital contributor at top-management meetings. Crucial opinions concerning recruitment planning, training opportunities, employee motivation, labour requirements, performance management, employee surveys and action plans are frequently requested of HR staff. Again, potential job satisfaction is off-the-scale based on the outstanding results of HR influence.

Real responsibility

Being all things to all employees brings a visceral and very real responsibility to everyday duties. The diligent HR officer will design protocols for staff to follow, however, the potential for employees to turn immediately to a great HR department for assistance is high. The opportunities to exercise exceptional skills in man-management are frequent and provide implicit training of transferable job skills.

Pin-point accuracy

Levels of bureaucracy in HR can reach challenging heights. Since the HR professional is responsible for the accuracy of legal documents, hours, absences, sickness, bonuses, promotions, holidays, new hires, leavers, taxes, contract changes, remarkable attention to detail is one faculty that will be frequently tested and trained. Again, a position in HR can afford benefits to the development of an incredible professional skill set.


If the HR department is performing optimally, employees should have everything they need, enjoy their work, and consequently enjoy their lives. Because of the real difference a great HR department can make to employees and the performance of the company, the successful HR professional can derive a massive amount of gratitude of the sincerest nature, safe in the knowledge that they have constructed a foundation and environment for the company to thrive.

A career in HR can be extraordinary, full of variation, with hard work and real consequences. It is social and emotional, rewarding and challenging. Does this sounds like the career for you? Train your natural aptitude with a BA (Hons) Business Management (Human Resources Management) or an online MSc in Leadership and Human Resources Management.

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