Whether you are a fresh-faced school leaver, or a currently employed professional, there are a host of good reasons to consider studying while working.

While this may sound like a huge undertaking, every conscientious employee desires to perform well and give themselves the best chance to further their career. The development of online learning options and access to accredited qualifications has skyrocketed in recent years, meaning the flexibility to study at your own pace is more of a reality than it ever has been. Not to mention that you are no longer geographically restricted by having to visit a physical campus every week.

As for school leavers, studying while also starting out in an industry that captivates you means that by the time you finish your degree, you will have a minimum of three years’ work experience, plus a recognised qualification. That kind of advantage will put you right ahead of graduates who have yet to be employed for the first time.

Here are a few more very good reasons why studying online while working can be a great choice to make.


Since 2015, UK undergraduates have been expected to leave university with record-high average student loan debts of around £44,000. If this sounds wholly unappealing, moving into the job market directly after school could be a very good idea. Earning while you learn is an obvious way to offset any accrued debts, however, negotiating a company to pay the totality of your tuition fees could very well mean no debts at all. For professionals looking to boost their career qualifications, the same is true. Companies have vested interests in the training of their employees, and many readily invest in their workforce. Plus, in both cases, the incentive to achieve high standards in work as well as study is real reward, and not just a huge loan debt.

Immediate application of skills

As a professional working and studying, you will have the opportunity to practice and experiment immediately with the new skills and knowledge you attain. The advantage of having a real-world context to tentatively implement academic theory is valuable beyond compare. And frankly, it’s what makes employers able to set you apart from the competition. As a school leaver, the world of work has many other things to get used to than just the implementation of your academic proficiency. While you get accustomed to the range of personalities you encounter and a whole glossary of terminology, you will be supplementing these professional skills with academic theory. By the time your contemporaries graduate, you will already be a formidable professional.


Today, educational institutions that provide online degrees and professional qualifications are bound in competition to offer the most up-to-date, most highly accredited, most affordable, most flexible study programmes. It’s only natural as the online market is worldwide. The advantage for school leavers and professionals is that a certain amount of tailoring of courses is possible. Online courses are frequently modular, with a huge range of modules to choose from. This means that as you progress through your study programme of choice, you can arrange and rearrange your academic skillset to complement any minor shifts in your career. Sometimes what happens to the company we work at is out of our control, but adapting your career by boosting qualifications at a click of a button is simply empowering.

If the advantages of an online degree, or gaining professional qualifications while you work sounds appealing to you, check out the range of degrees and short courses open to you with London School of Business & Finance.

“I researched as many different online providers as I could, but I felt that in many cases the accreditation status of these schools was not strong enough, or that the awarding bodies were not well known outside that region. So I turned my focus to European providers, and quite soon afterwards London School of Business and Finance became the clear choice.”

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